A Great Night

Thank you to all the families who attended our Christmas Party. For the first time in many years the weather was glorious. The children turned up in their finery and danced the night away to the talented boy band, RPM. To top it off the jolly fellow arrived on time with a sack full of pressies. Once the sack was empty, excited children were off home to bed, to dream of the tinkling of sleigh bells and the big day to come.

Te Puna Quarry Visit

On the 2.12.08 a small group of children and their teachers went on a visit to Te Puna Quarry Gardens to find some ideas for garden art.

All Black Haka

"This is me doing the Haka, and I do a really loud HE"

motorbike helmets

These are our motorbike helmets and stockcar helmets. "Our visor is to keep the dust out of your eyes and nose and mouth" "I like stockcars because they go really fast. You wear a helmet because you might crack your head or break your neck"

Go the other way.

Luckily for the little Taniwha the boy who was watering the mud hole had noticed she was trying to get into the garden. He very kindly said "You have to go around the other way."

Keep visiting to see what other adventures the little Taniwha will get into.

A new bridge

But before the little Taniwha could go much further she came across some children playing in the mud beside a bridge. The children were so busy they didn't even notice the little Taniwha and there was no room for her to cross over the bridge.


The little taniwha stopped crying and looked up where she saw the most beautiful tree. It was all pink.

"How beautiful." she said "Maybe I could stay here." "Lets see what else is in this garden."

Mrs Gnome

Grumpy Mrs Gnome heard the little Taniwha wailing and told her to "Shhhhhhh!" "Go away. You're making too much noise." Mrs Gnome said.

But where could the Little Taniwha go?

What next?

As she moved around the garden she found more rope lines. She didn't play there either. It was too scary!

"Owwh. I just want to find a safe and quiet place to play!" she cried.


As the Taniwha moved around the garden she discovered a big pile of tyres.

She didn't play there.

A helping hand

Both Joshuas heard the taniwhas shouts and ran to help her. "Thanks ." she said and carried on her journey.


She fell off the rope. "Oh HELP." she wailed "This isn't safe." So she started to look for somewhere else to play.

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